AugmntX is the world’s largest network of pre-vetted talent.

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305, IRIS Corporate Centre,
Hiranandani Meadows, 400610.

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Developers for a global community

AugmntX's mission is to connect exceptional developers from around the world to top companies.

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Developers for a global community

1. People first, Always. Practice empathy

2. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

3. If you are learning, you can never fail

4. Make a big impact, with as little as possible

Why We Started

Software outsourcing is broken.

Outsourcing is full of risks. You may not know your developers, you may have concerns about the quality of the product, you may have communication difficulties when managing your project, and you may feel unsupported in ensuring the project is running smoothly.

AugmntX is here to change this. With our cutting edge platform and an Outsourcing Strategist by your side, AugmntX will ensure that outsourcing is both effective and painless.

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Our Process

AugmntX is preventative, not reactive

1. Biweekly Audits

By default, we'll audit your project every 2 weeks. This audit ensures that best practices are being used at all times. More frequent audits are available upon request.

2. Tailored Strategies

Every project is unique, the development strategy should be equally unique. Based on best practices, we tailor a development strategy specifically for your project.

3. Quality Performance

We work with our partners on a weekly basis to ensure high quality performance. We do this through regular feedback sessions, constant training and workshops.

The Gold Standard in Outsourcing

The Gold Standard in Outsourcing.

AugmntX uses a vigorous vetting process, a custom-made project management platform and a strict development process to deliver a seamless and consistent outsourcing experience. We provide outsourcing infrastructure for the modern company.

A Selective Network of Outsourcing Partners

  • Selecting the Top Devs.
  • Technical Review.
  • Interpersonal Interviews.
  • Consistency Check.

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